Garrison Hickles

Garrison is a writer and a fish lover, who is keeping, nurturing, and taking care of different saltwater and freshwater fish species for more than 13 years now. With over 200 different kinds of fishes at his workshop, Garrison has a large setup, growing at a rapid pace with the involvement of fish lovers and fishkeepers. At the age of seven, he first got a Goldfish, which was a gift from his dad on his birthday, and from the very day, he grew fond of fishes. What started as a hobby for Garrison at an early age has become his passion and profession in today’s date as he takes care of thousands of fishes and educates others regarding fishkeeping, feeding, breeding, their diseases, and more. Garrison shares his knowledge and experience through his blog, Fisharoma, where he writes insightful articles that helps thousands of aspiring fishkeepers across the globe.