Green Chromis – The Complete Care Guide for the Calm-Natured Pet Fish

Green Chromis In Its Aquarium
By Garrison Hickles Updated

Do you like to see dazzling and flamboyant shaded fish in your aquarium? You can add bright green shaded Green Chromis in your fish tank to increase the vibrancy of your fish world. For 30 years or more than that fish breeds from the Damselfish family have been popular, and among them, it is one of the famous fish breeds.

Although a few members of the Damselfish family are infamous for their aggression, this Chromis fish is an easy-to-breed, playful, familiar and peaceful member of the same family. This striking nature makes it different from other family members, just like a beautiful Lotus flower floating on the surface of a messy pond.

At the same time this small fish is a little bit delicate in nature, so if you want to pet Green Chromis then learn about its care guide to breed them well.

Quick Details on Green Chromis

Scientific Name Chromis viridis
Origin Red Sea, Indo-Pacific Ocean, Arabian Sea, Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean
Life-Span 8+ years
Color Light Blue and Pale Green
Temperament Peaceful
Size                Up to 4” (10.16 cm)
Diet Omnivore
Family Pomacentridae (Damselfish Family)
Compatibility Reef Compatible and Friendly with Peaceful Fish
Tank Size 30 Gallons
Care Level Easy


Generally, you will find this fish with a school of Chromis in lagoons under the deep ocean. This fish prefers to live in a group because of its familiar and passive temperament.

This reef compatible fish loves staying in a marine environment, so while setting a tank for them always give an oceanic ambiance with corals, ocean rocks, sea plants, caves and reefs for the comfort of Chromis.

However, if you are planning to pet a group of Chromis in an aquarium then don’t make it overcrowded. Try to keep a maximum of six Green/Blue Chromis in an aquarium to prevent them from occasional fighting and bullying.

This is one of the active swimmers in marine water, so try to provide a spacious aquarium for this fish because this fish prefers deep water, as it lives in the middle column of the ocean or sea. You will get Green Chromis for just $6.49, so it is affordable to purchase.

Origin of Green Chromis

You will find it in the shallow reefs of Indo-Pacific Ocean and South Pacific Ocean in a large shoal spending their time in lagoons and reefs.

You will also find this species in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, coastal water of Hawaii region, Mediterranean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean.

Appearance of Green Chromis

Popular for its beauty and slender oval shape, Green Chromis varies in color from light blue to pale green. Its distinctive black fork-shaped tail makes it different from other fish of saltwater.

Some adult males become bright yellow in color when they mate, but it is rarely seen. Other Chromis don’t change their shades.


People often get confused with Black Axil Chromis and Green Chromis because of their similar looks. However, the Black Axil is longer and slender in shape as compared to the Green Chromis. You will also find black blotch on the inner pectoral fin of this fish.

Tank Requirements for Green Chromis

As a middle water dweller, this saltwater species swim in the depth up to 12 meters in the sea. This fish is not comfortable to dwell or swim on the surface of the water.

Experienced aquarists recommend to provide a natural habitation surrounded by corals like Acropora, sea plants, caves and rock works to this fish for its comfortable and natural habitation. Here are some suggestions by fish experts that may help you set a Chromis tank.

Tank Size

Not more than 30-gallon aquarium is required for this 4” peaceful fish which is easy-to-pet and breed. Green Chromis is a slow swimmer, so you do not need a huge space to keep this fish.

If you are just keeping a couple of Green Chromis then 30-gallon tank is enough but if you are keeping a school of 5-6 Chromis then minimum 60-gallon aquarium is required for this fish.


This fish is shy in nature, so it likes hiding behind the rocks. Try to keep well-shaped rocks and caves in the marine aquarium of this Chromis fish, so that it gets a plethora of hiding places.


Instead of soil substrate, keep a sandy substrate at the bottom of the aquarium because saltwater fish likes to rest on the sand sometimes.


There is no specific power mentioned for the tank of Green Chromis. Just keep low lighting in the tank of Chromis because this fish does not like too much lighting in its home.


Keeping a filter in a fish tank can be beneficial to maintain the hygiene of your pet fish in the aquarium. So, bring a proper filtration system for the Chromis tank.      

Water Type for Green Chromis

Water is the most important part of the world of aquatic species. So, when you are setting an aquarium, you need to know about the water types of different fish breeds before setting a tank. Follow these guidelines to set a Chromis tank:  


The water temperature for the tank of Green Chromis should be 72.0-82.0°F (22-27 °C).

pH Level

The pH range of the water should be 8.1-8.4.

Specific Gravity

The specific gravity of Chromis tank should be 1.023-1.025.

Cleaning Method

Use liquid soap to clean the entire fish tank and the objects of the tank. A soft brush is the best way to clean the corners of the entire aquarium. After washing out the dirt and algae of the tank ornaments, wipe out the objects with a soft cloth.

Replacement Process

It is recommended to clean the entire tank once a month, but while cleaning doesn’t take out the entire water from the aquarium. Just change 25% of the water from the tank because removing the entire water from
the tank may harm the fish.

If you need to change the entire tank then take out the school of fish from the fishnet and keep them to another aquarium, during the cleaning process. Usually, it is needed when the water is in very poor condition.

Green Chromis Diet Requirement

Green Chromis is an omnivorous species, so you can feed them both vegetative and meaty foods. This fish prefers eating both live foods and dry pellets. Some best eatables for this fish are as follows:

  • Copepods
  • Fish Eggs
  • Mysid Shrimp
  • Krill
  • Mysis Shrimp
  • Larva of Insects
  • Algae
  • Plant’s leaves
  • Phytoplankton
  • Zooplankton
  • Fresh Vegetable Pieces
  • Frozen Food
  • Herbivore Flakes
  • Pellets

You can feed them pellets, flakes, and liquid vitamins that will help them make their color more vibrant. Feed them 2-3 times a day for good nourishment. Some ready-made food available for them in the market are:

  • Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers
  • Hikari Seaweed Extreme
  • Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Flakes
  • Aquarium Systems A la Carte – Omnivore Diet
  • Aquatic Remedies Worm Out (Liquid)

Temperament of Green Chromis

Green Chromis is an active fish that loves swimming and it is also familiar to other passive-natured fish breeds. Being from an aggressive Damsel family, Green Chromis is very popular for its peaceful and shy nature.

A new fish hobbyist can easily breed this fish and also can plan to keep a school of Chromis or other community fish breeds with Green Chromis.

However, you should avoid keeping too much fish with Green Chromis because this fish doesn’t like to live in a crowded tank, as it is a fast swimmer who needs free space to swim.

Suitable Tankmates for Green Chromis

Although Green Chromis is a shy-natured, social, and peaceful species, it is not very choosy to dwell with different companions. But you need to keep small and peaceful fish with it because large and territorial fish can attack and eat Green Chromis.

When Green Chromis feel unsafe, it comes on the surface of the tank water. By seeing that sign, you have to understand that the fish is in trouble and you should take it away from the tank and separate it from other fish breeds.

The following species are considered favorable tankmates of Green Chromis:

  • Butterflyfish
  • Basslet
  • Blennies
  • Clownfish
  • Yellow Watchman Goby

Green Chromis Breeding

This calm and generous fish turns wild and aggressive during the time of spawning. Suppose, you are planning to breed this fish, be careful and find a separate tank for that.

Green Chromis is a hardy fish and beginners can easily keep this fish in their aquarium because of its adjustable nature.

During the spawning process, the male Green Chromis come out from the school of Chromis fish and make a nest to secure its children. Hatching of the eggs takes place on the fourth night of laying eggs.

However, experienced aquarists suggest keeping the male and female Green Chromis in another 30-gallon tank where they can mate, spawn and fertilize their eggs. You can easily save the newborn Chromis from other fish breeds by keeping them with their parents in another fish tank.

Types of Chromis

There are various species in the Chromis family that have different colors, patterns, structures, and requirements. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Brown Chromis – You will find Brown Chromis in Western Atlantic
    Ocean at the Southern United States, Brazil, and in the ocean near Ascension Island. This fish looks similar to Green Chromis but the color of both the species differs from each other. 
  2. Lemon Chromis – You may have heard the other name of Lemon Chromis, Ternate Damsel found in the deep ocean near Indonesia. Its light yellow-green color is similar to the Yellow Damselfish. Beginners like to pet this 3” fish because of the bright shade, small size, and peaceful nature.
  3. Black-Axil Chromis – Fishkeepers often get confused with the looks of
    Green Chromis and Black-Axil Chromis because of the same color and pattern. But, as mentioned above, Black-Axil Chromis is longer and slender in shape as compared to Green Chromis. Native to the South Pacific Ocean, this active swimmer is often found in the mid column of the ocean. Aquarists like its small size and social nature, so they prefer petting this fish.
  4. Paletail Chromis – Compared to other species of the Chromis family,
    Paletail Chromis can grow large up to 6”. Moreover, it is semi-aggressive in nature, so expert fish hobbyists are recommended to breed this saltwater fish. The dark blue color body and light-yellow tail make the fish an attraction in a fish tank. This fish is omnivorous, so you can feed both vegetable and meaty foods to this fish.
  5. Half-and-Half Chromis – Do you know why this fish is known as Half-and-Half Chromis? Just because of the two colors in its body – half white and half brown. This is a rare combination in any fish which can be a subject of attraction for your aquarium. Half-and-Half Chromis is found in the Red Sea and regions near Australia. This scavenger fish is a picky eater, and it can be a good tank cleaner. 
  6. Orange Lined Chromis – This pale blue species has light orange lines on its body which runs horizontally from the gills to the tail. When it grows adult, it changes its color to brown with a white shaded tail. Native to the Indian Ocean, Orange Lined Chromis are rarely found
    in the market, but if you find it then it is one of the best fish breeds for
    novice fishkeepers. It is peaceful, small in size, and attractive in looks. So, you can try petting this fish in your water house where you are breeding different species.

Diseases of Green Chromis with Interventions

This fish is hardy but sometimes it gets affected by some diseases because of the wrong diet, poor water condition, and lack of hygiene.

They are prone to some diseases such as:

  • Viral Diseases
  • Fungal Infections
  • Marine Ich
  • White Spot
  • Crypt Marine Velvet

At least change 15% water in a 30-gallon tank and 30% water in a 60-gallon tank every month. Also, clean the tank twice every month to maintain the hygiene of Green Chromis. During the cleaning process, keep the fish in a separate tank, and hold them with a fish net very carefully, so that they do not feel stressed and get scared.

Ending Note

If you really want to pet one water species with different profits then Green Chromis is the perfect fish for your aquarium. Not only the peaceful temperament, the bright green color, social nature, but Chromis can also be the sign of beauty in your aquarium.

Interesting Facts about Green Chromis

  • Green Chromis prefers living in a group and the leader of the group is always in front of the shoal of fish.
  • This fish secretes a type of slime or mucus from its skin, and this mucus helps it protect from parasites and also helps them in swimming fast.
  • When a school of Green Chromis passes together, the bright green color of their body flashes vibrant light like a thunder-lightening in the sky.
  • Some Chromis are scavengers, that’s why they are known as the best tank cleaner because it consumes the small insects and algae in the tank.

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