About Us

Do you want to be a part of a community where you can learn about the nook and cranny of fishkeeping and everything related to it? You’re at the right place since Fisharoma is designed for fish lovers across the globe who want to pet fish but require expert guidance.

Our aim lies in educating the fishkeeping beginners and enthusiasts with insightful data that would help them grab knowledge about fish, non-fish pets, aquatic plants, and aquariums.

Here, in this blog, we cover the most interesting topics for any fishkeeping enthusiasts like

  • Care Guide for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish
  • Breeding of Water Species
  • Care Guide for Aquatic Plants
  • Maintenance of Fish Tank
  • Tips for Beginner Aquarists
  • and many more.

Whether you are just starting your fishkeeping journey or an experienced fishkeeping enthusiast, our research-based articles provide tips and guidance to the readers that simplify fishkeeping and aquarium maintenance.