Betta Fish Tank Decorations – Best Ideas to Keep Your Pet Fish Happy

Betta Fish Tank Decorations Ideas
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Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish is a popular and active fish that lives in a freshwater tank. As it has a smart and intelligent nature, so it likes living in an aesthetic environment that is decorated with plants and fish toys. Some beautiful Betta Fish tank decorations can refresh the mood of the fish and increase the beauty of its home. Being a highly territorial fish, it does not like tankmates in its aquarium, but it enjoys playing games and the aesthetic tank decorations.

Reasons for Adding Tank Decorations in Betta’s Tank

There are many fish that like playing games in their tank if trained properly. Among them, Betta is one of the smart fish breeds that enjoy the games that are trained by the fishkeepers. Therefore, Betta Fish tank decorations can give several benefits:

1. The Decorations Keep Your Pet Betta Happy

Your pet Betta may often get bored in a fish tank. So, why don’t you try to change its mood by adding some fish toys and live plants in the aquarium? This will definitely bring change in the mood of your pet fish. It will feel happy and natural in captivity.

2. Betta Fish Loves Hiding

A spacious tank is always suitable for Betta Fish. It is a nocturnal fish, so it likes hiding behind the caves and aquatic plants. So, it will be the best idea to keep small caves, underneath logs and driftwoods, which will be the great additions to a fish tank and appropriate hiding places for the fish.

3. Tank Decorations or Betta Toys encourage It to Stay Active

If you train your pet Betta fish, then it can learn various types of tricks, and play games in the tank. Betta is the most intelligent fish because it can learn playing games if the training is provided properly. Different types of moss balls and hoods may help your fish in playing games in the tank. Expert aquarists also say that rearranging the decoration of the tank every month stops your pet fish from becoming bored in captivity.

4. Keeping Live Green Plants Delight the Mood of the Fish

Betta Fish likes living in an eco-friendly environment, so adding freshwater plants will be the great tank decoration for Betta. Some fish often rest or lay eggs on the leaves of the plants. So, it is a good idea to add green plants in the aquarium.

Betta Fish Tank Decorations and Toys

After knowing the various reasons for keeping tank decorations, you may ask, what kinds of decorations and toys are suitable for Betta Fish. Well! Let’s have a look at a few decorations for your pet Betta’s tank.

1. Small Mirror

Small Mirror for Betta Fish Tank Decorations

If you want to know why Bettas are called Siamese Fighting Fish, then create an illusion for them by adding a small mirror such as Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror in the aquarium. When the fish will puff up at the mirror by thinking that it’s the reflection of another Betta. It is really fun to watch that activity.

2. Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Ball for Betta Fish Tank Decorations

Moss balls are an inexpensive way to stimulate your pet Betta fish. There are different shaped Marimo Moss Balls available in the market. These balls keep the environment of the aquarium clean and entertain your pet fish. You can keep these balls at the bottom of the tank. Betta Fish likes to push things around, and this spongy toy allows the fish to push the balls and enjoy it. Moreover, its green color is also liked by Betta Fish. Marimo balls are made of live Moss plants. They are capable of killing bacteria in the tank and maintain the quality of the water. You can buy Luffy Betta Balls, Live Round-Shaped Marimo Plant.

3. Floating Log

Floating Log for Betta Fish Tank

Betta Fish likes to spend most of its time on the surface of the water, so a floating log will help it swim around the log and enjoy it like a game. A floating log is chemical-free and it provides a natural environment in the aquarium. Moreover, it does not imbalance the parameter of the water in the tank. There is a hole at the top of the log. This log act as a place to hide a fish. It is also a good toy for Betta. You will get different floating logs in the market. Zoo Med Floating Betta Log is also one of the best floating logs for your aquarium.

4. Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Balls for the Tank of Betta Fish

Like Moss Balls, Ping Pong Balls are also the best toy for your pet Betta Fish. These balls float on the surface of the water and allow Betta Fish to play with them by pushing them while swimming. This activity is not only fun to watch, but your pet fish will also enjoy swimming and playing with the ping pong balls in the water. Playing with Double Fish Table Tennis Balls entertain the fish and keep them away from stress.

5. Brown Leaves by Sun Grow

Brown Leaves by Sun Grow

The brown leaves act as a good shelter for Betta Fish. They release minerals into the water which are good for the health of the Betta Fish. These leaves have the power to remove stress and in recreating a natural environment inside the fish world. The Sun Grow Leaves are naturally-growing leaves that are carefully sterilized to remove pesticides before they are sold. Betta fish loves to nibble these leaves, lay eggs on them and take rest on them. Moreover, these leaves act as great decoration in a fish tank.

6. Sinking Ceramic Log

Sinking Ceramic Log for Betta Fish Tank decorations

Ceramic Logs can also be the best tank decoration for Betta Fish. You can buy natural looking driftwood or a ceramic log in the aquarium. Keeping it at the bottom of the tank may help the fish hide behind the sinking log and rest behind it. Remember, Sinking Ceramic Log can be kept in the tank if you cannot keep fish caves because the logs can also act as hiding places for your pet Betta. But never keep sharp ceramics in the fish tank which can injure your pet fish.

7. Live Plants

Live Plants for Betta Fish Tank Decorations

Green freshwater plants are the best decorations for the fish tank. The plants enhance the beauty of the aquarium, and make the fish home eco-friendly. You can keep freshwater plants such as Java Moss, Water Hyacinth, and Anubias Nana in the aquarium because aquatic plants are one of the best Betta Fish tank decorations. Moreover, freshwater fish like Betta prefer living in an eco-friendly environment that is surrounded by live and fresh plants.

8. Fish Training Kit

Betta Fish Training Kit

Betta Fish are intelligent and fast learners who actively enjoy learning new tricks. You will get an R2 Fish School Kit in the market that includes various components for training your pet fish and encourage its movements.

You can teach your pet Betta playing shoot hoops, fetch, dance, etc. There is a 45 minutes DVD made by the well-known fish trainer, Dr. Dean Pomerleau. On that DVD, you will learn how to train a fish. These types of games help in reducing the stress of your pet Betta and in keeping it happy.

9. Betta Leaf Hammock

Betta Leaf Hammock

We have mentioned plants before; now let us discuss how a leaf will act as a good decoration or a toy for a Betta Fish tank. Bettas live in shallow waters, so they prefer resting on the surface of the water. Betta Hammock is a large leaf with a suction pad that can be stuck to the side of the aquarium, with a few inches top from the surface of the water. Bettas often take rest on the hammock.

10. Caves

Coconut Caves for Betta Fish Tank

For your little Betta, you can arrange a hiding or a resting place that is made of coconut shells like Coco Hut available in the market. It is also a good place for breeding.

11. Rocks

Rocks for Betta Fish Tank Decorations

Keep fine rocks or gravels at the bottom of the Betta tank. Gravels are the best substrates and fine rocks that also adorn the beauty of the tank. Moreover, your pet fish often take rest on the substrate. But don’t keep sharp gravels in the aquarium which can harm your pet fish.

Tips to Choose Betta Fish Tank Decorations and Toys

Decorating a Betta Fish tank is a good idea, but you have to remember that there are a few things not to put in a fish tank which can harm your pet fish. Always keep in mind, safety comes first before any kind of decoration. If your pet companion is safe, then happiness will always be with it. Therefore, take a look at a few tips to choose tank decorations and toys for Betta.

1. Avoid Sharp Edges

Never keep any toy or decoration that has sharp edges such as untreated woods, gravels, rocks, and thorny plants. These sharp objects may injure them while swimming. So, it is better to avoid keeping sharp edges in your fish tank.

2. Don’t Keep Metal Toys & Decorations

Metal decorations or toys shine at the first, but later it changes its color due to the rust. Always remember, rust may infect the water of the aquarium, and it is not safe for your pet Betta to dwell in such an ambiance.

3.  Never Keep Glass Decorations in Your Aquarium

If the glass smashes accidentally, the pieces can be the reason for the injury or death of your pet fish. So, it is better to avoid glass decorations in your fish home. Remember they are aquatic animals, not human beings.

4. Don’t Keep Corals & Oysters in Betta Tank

Betta Fish is a freshwater fish, so you should not add marine inhabitants such as Oysters and Corals in the aquarium. Corals, Shells, and Oysters have high chemicals and hardness, which is not good for the health of your Betta Fish.

5. Avoid Keeping Harmful Plastic Toys

Most of the toys and decorations are made of plastic but purchase branded items. The fish may chew or lick the plastic. If you have a cheap quality plastic toy, then it may be the reason for lots of diseases and even death for your pet Betta.  

These unique aquarium decoration ideas for your pet Betta will definitely entertain it, and keep it happy. So, what are you thinking? Let’s start redecorating the aquarium of your pet fish, and make the fish home beautiful.

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