Black Moor Goldfish – All-Inclusive Care Guide for this Fancy Pet Fish

Black Moor Goldfish

Hey, are you planning to buy an aquarium? Guess what are the common fish breeds that the fishkeepers keep in their aquarium. Definitely, a bright and stunning Goldfish because it is the most common fish breeds in comparison to any other aquatic species. Now, it does not mean that a Goldfish have to be golden-orange color; it can also be quite different from other fish like a Black Moor Goldfish. No, it’s not a golden-orange Goldfish, but its metallic-black color will definitely dazzle your aquarium. Just acquire some knowledge about its care guide while adding it in your fish tank.

Quick Details on Black Moor Goldfish

Gold Fish can be fancy, hardy, egg-shaped, slim, single-tailed and double-tailed, and Black Moor Goldfish is an egg-shaped fancy ornamental fish which is kept in beginner’s fish tank. This gorgeous blackish beauty is not only attractive, but its behavior is also peaceful. So, the novice aquarists can easily take care of this fish. You may go through the short details of the fish before knowing about its care guide elaborately.

Scientific Name Carassius auratus
Origin China
Life-Span 10-15 years
Colors Black
Temperament Peaceful
Size                6-8” (15.24-20.32 cm)
Diet Omnivore
Family Cyprinidae
Compatibility With Other Peaceful Fish
Tank Size 20 gallons
Care Level Easy


Black Moor Goldfish is quite similar to Telescopic Eyed Goldfish because its eyes are big like Telescope. Other names of this fish are Moor, Dragon Eyes, Black Peony Goldfish and Demekin. They can live for around 10-15 years, but if they get proper care, then their lifespan may stretch up to 20 years. Not much, you will get this fish in $5 only. This Goldfish is also known as Fan-Shaped or Double-Tailed Goldfish.   

Origin of Black Moor Goldfish

Native to the freshwater in China, Black Moor Goldfish is a Carp which is found in the slow-moving rivers or perennial streams because this egg-shaped fish is a slow-mover, and prefer dwelling in passive streams. This fancy Goldfish one of the oldest variants of the 1700s. It is the mutation result of Telescope-Eye Goldfish and Ryukin Goldfish.

Remember, if the chemistry of the water where the Black Moor Goldfish is swimming is not right, then it may change into golden color. So, you need to maintain the water parameter for petting a Black Moor . Moreover, it has delicate eyes, so a weekly water replacement is necessary for this fish.

Appearance of Black Moor Goldfish

As per its name, Black Moor is typically solid black-shaded with some orange patches on its scales. The shimmering black color of this fish brings dazzle in the water of the fish tank by its bright metallic shade. It has a round-shaped belly, so it is known as Egg-Shaped Goldfish.

After birth, the newborn fish looks pale, and when it starts growing mature, it becomes dark. The eyes of this fish are the most prominent part of its body because they are more significant than the eyes of other fish. Due to the abundant natural lenses on its eyes, it is also known as Telescope Goldfish. Even with such large eyes, this fish has poor eyesight.

The flowing tail of the fish is divided into two parts, so it is known as a Double-Tailed Goldfish. The male fish is smaller than the female. They can reach up to 6-8” (15.24-20.32 cm), but if they are adequately nourished, then they can grow more than that.  

Temperament of Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish is a peaceful breed which lives in the middle part of the water and never disturb other tankmates. But don’t keep this fish with active fish because Black Moor is a slow-moving fish. This breed avoids fighting and fishing with boisterous fish. This fish is a shy breed which hides away when it feels stress. Black Moor can swim with a school of fish and it can live alone also. This fish is adaptable with various situations. Just don’t keep it with aggressive and large predator fish which can harm them or eat them up.

Suitable Tankmates for Black Moor Goldfish

As we know that Black Moors are fragile, peaceful and slow movers, so keep those fish breeds which have similar traits. This will prevent this fish from getting bullied and harassed. This Goldfish should be kept with small shoaling fish and medium-sized peaceful fish such as:

Unsuitable Tankmates

Avoid keeping territorial and predator fish with Black Moor because it is a peace-lover. Stress may be the reason for the poor health of this fish. Some unsuitable tankmates of this shy fish are:


Never keep fin-nipping fish in the tank of Black Moor Goldfish because it can harm the fish by nipping its long flowing fins and tail.

Compatibility of Black Moor Goldfish

This variety of Goldfish is docile and adjustable so that you can keep it in a group. You can keep 5-6 Goldfish in a fish tank.

Dietary Requirements for Black Moor Goldfish

This omnivoros fish consumes both plants and meaty foods. Black Moor is a natural mouthbrooder. It eats whatever fits in its mouth because it is a foody fish. Sometimes this fish starts fighting with some fish breeds for foods. But, overfeeding them can cause severe diseases such as bloating and digestive problems to Black Moor. So, try to feed it twice a day. You can feed some foods such as:

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Small Insects
  • Larvae
  • Tadpoles
  • Dried Pellets
  • Fruits
  • Bloodworms
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Daphnia

You can also feed some dried pellets or flakes to this fish such as:


Green vegetables like Spinach, Lettuce and Broccoli lowers the risk of constipation and improves the digestion system of Black Moor Goldfish.

Habitat and Tank Requirements for Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish is the habitat of Asian Carps, and it is usually found in murky rivers, canals, reservoirs and lakes. It prefers living in slow-moving water with dirt or sand lining at the bottom.

While setting a tank for this fish, don’t add a high voltage filter because Black Moor doesn’t like living in fast-flowing water. You may go through other factors which are needed to be followed take care of the fish.   

Tank Size

Whenever you are planning to set a fish tank, you need to know about the tank requirements for the fish. The prime factor is tank size. The size of the tank for Black Moor should be 20 gallons. The long fins of this fish take much space   


This freshwater fish is a nature lover, so try to provide a natural ambience to your pet fish in its home by adding freshwater plants like Hornwort, small gravels, fine sand and caves. You can add a layer of gravel or sand to the bottom of the tank.   


Adequate filtration is needed for the tank of this Goldfish because this fish is a messy fish which eats much and excretes a lot. A sponge filtration system may help you flash out the excreted elements from the fish tank.


Moderate lighting is required for the tank of this Goldfish because it does not like harsh light in its tank.

Water Type for Black Moor Goldfish

Water is the essential thing for the tank of every fish. So, try to maintain the quality of the water by changing it in time. There are some significant factors that you need to require while setting a tank for your pet Black Moor Goldfish.


The water temperature in the tank of Black Moor should be 50-75°F (10-23°C).

pH Level

The pH level of the water in the tank of this Goldfish should be 6.5-7.5.


The hardness of the water in the tank of Black Moor should be 5-19 dGH.

Cleaning Method

As we know that all the species of Goldfish are little messy, so you have to put a little effort into cleaning the aquarium of Black Moor Goldfish. Clean the tank every week using a gravel cleaner. You can also use a soft brush and a liquid soap to clean the decorations and the corners of the tank. After scrubbing and washing, wipe out the walls and decorations of the tank with a clean cloth to maintain the hygiene of the fish home.

Replacement Procedure

It is not needed to change the water of the tank regularly because it may harass your pet fish. Hence, replace 10% of the water every week and 20% of the water every month to save the fish breeds from various diseases.  

Breeding Process of Black Moor Goldfish

The months of April to August is the breeding season of Black Moor. You will find small white bumps known as tubercles on the pectoral fins of the male Goldfish during this time.

If you are encouraging the breeding of Black Moor Goldfish, then arrange a separate tank in the spring season and keep 75°F (23°C) water in the tank of this fish, so that it can lay eggs comfortably.

The male fish starts courting the female fish by circling her for a couple of days before both of them spawn. They can spawn up to 10,000 eggs at a time on the bottom of the tank. Separate the eggs from their parents during the time of fertilization, so that the parents don’t eat up the eggs. It will take a few days to hatch the eggs. After the eggs, hatch and the fries come out, feed high iron foods like green vegetable crumbs and newborn Bloodworms until two months. After the two months, you can keep these fries with their parents.  

Diseases of Black Moor Goldfish with Intervention

Black Moor Goldfish does not have several illnesses but it is quite delicate and you need to put a little attention to take care of this fish. Overfeeding may harm their digestive system and other diseases like bloating and diarrhea. This Goldfish also have poor eyesight, so you need to feed highly nutritious iron and protein food to this fish.

Another critical disease this fish has is Swim Bladder Infection. When the fish is suffering from this life-threatening disease, its body starts swelling up and it floats upon the surface of the water. So, don’t feed much food to this fish which can be the reason for this disease.

This Goldfish is also prone to some skin diseases like Velvet Disease, which is caused by bacteria and parasite. You need to change the water twice a week to avoid this disease.

If you notice the poor health of this fish, move this fish to a quarantine aquarium and prevent the diseases of the fish by giving medicine to the fish and keeping it in a clean environment.        

Difficulties to Keep Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish is a beginner-friendly fish, and it is easy to take care of this breed because of its adaptable and passive nature. But it is a fancy Goldfish and its eyesight is poor. So, you need to remember that you cannot keep sharp-edged products in the tank which can harm the fish. Moreover, you need to maintain the hygiene and parameter of the water in the tank.

Now, these details are enough for you to add a Black Moor Goldfish in your fish tank. Following the care guide will help you maintain the comfort of your pet fish.  

Interesting Facts

  • The teeth of Black Moor are in the back-portion of its throat.
  • This fish can eat its poops when it is hungry.
  • The taste buds of this fish are on its lips.

Knowledge about More Species of Goldfish

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