White Cloud Mountain Minnow – Ultimate Care Guide of this Schooling Fish

White Cloud Mountain

White Cloud Mountain Minnow is the name of a colorful nano fish. Now, do you believe it? May be not! Yes, the name of this tropical fish is too long and heavy but its personality is not too hard. It is a timid freshwater fish that has colorful metallic scales and a reddish tail.

If you are a new fish enthusiast, then Minnow is a great beginner-friendly pet fish for your residential and commercial fish tank. This fish is a popular small freshwater fish for a nano tank. Moreover, it is easy to care and don’t make the tank messy. Going through its care guide will help you keep it in your aquarium.   

Quick Details on White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Minnows are hardy species, and if you have a small home, then it is appropriate to keep it in your small tank. The different splashy colors of White Mountain Minnow brighten your fish tank. Before going deep into the care guide, you may have a look at the table given below, where you will get the quick details about the features and nature of the fish.

Scientific Name Tanichthys albonubes
Origin China
Life-Span 5-7 years
Colors White-Red, Lemon Yellow and Bright-Red
Temperament Peaceful and Social
Size                1.5” (3.81 cm)
Diet Omnivore
Family Cyprinidae
Compatibility With Other Peaceful Fish
Tank Size 10-12 gallons
Care Level Easy


You may get confused with the looks of White Cloud Mountain Minnow because it is quite similar to Neon Tetra. However, Neon Tetra has a colorful tail only and White Cloud Mountain Minnow has both bright fins and tail. Other names of this fish are Canton Minnow and Cardinal Fish. This fish can live from 5-7 years, and it is also the best beginner-friendly schooling fish which is perfect for keeping in a community aquarium. You have to pay $4-$6 to get a school of White Cloud Mountain Minnows.   

Origin of White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Native to China, White Cloud Mountain Minnow was first found in 1980 in the Pearl River of China and Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. The breeding of this fish is also done in rice fields. Fishkeepers also find this fish from the flowing streams of mountains.  

Appearance of White Cloud Mountain Minnow

The length of White Cloud Mountain Minnow can reach up to 1.5” (3.81 cm). The male fish are more colorful and slenderer than females. The mouth of this fish slants upward and its lower jaw is slightly protruding.

Minnows have no barbels, and their dorsal fins are on the mid-line of the body of this fish. The ventral fins of this fish are triangular and pointed towards its back-portion of the body. The scales of this fish are iridescent pink with lateral lines and black stripes. There is a black fluorescent line that runs from the top to the downward portion of the body of this fish. Its color is shining bronze-brown with dark spots surrounded with red patches. The belly of this fish is white than its body.

Types of White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Various kinds of Minnows have the same sizes but their body colors and scales shape differ from each other. But you will get only three varieties of White Cloud Mountain Minnows. Let’s have a look at their descriptions:

  • Golden Cloud Minnow: This White Cloud Mountain Minnow is not white. It is a cream-colored fish, which has lateral lines on its body. The fins of this fish have a white cloud form, and they don’t have red dots on the snout.
  • Hong Kong Minnow: This fish has pale gold scales and a blue band on its body. You will also find a blue band and lateral lines flowing throughout its body. There are no white tops on its fins.
  • Meteor Minnow: This fish is famous for its trailing fins. The body color of this fish is off-white. The fins of this fish are yellowish with deep shades of red.

Temperament of White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are peaceful breeds, but while competing for mating, they become territorial and aggressive. These fish are cooperative, and they prefer swimming with a school of Minnows and other peaceful small fish breeds. Minnows never harass others or compete with their tankmates. This nature makes them a rare breed for community tanks and fish museums. To get escaped from the predators, these fish hide in the caves or behind the aquatic plants. Minnows can swim in the top and the middle of the fish tank. It is rarely seen in the bottom of the tank.     

Suitable Tankmates for White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White Cloud Minnow lives in the middle part of Pearl River which is the bio-diverse river in China. It is a schooling fish, so it likes to dwell with a shoal of Minnows and other peaceful fish which will never harm it. Some of the best tankmates of Minnows are:

Unsuitable Tankmates

Avoid keeping aggressive fish, predators, and fin nippers with Minnows because these breeds often harm, nip or bully White Cloud Mountain Minnows. Some of the most unsuitable tankmates of Minnows are:

Compatibility of White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Keep at least six Minnows together because it is a schooling fish, and it likes dwelling with a shoal. If it is kept with ten Minnows, then it feels safer but you need to arrange a large tank for keeping ten Minnows.

Dietary Requirements for White Cloud Mountain Minnow

According to expert veterinary nutritionists, you should not overfeed this small species. So, acquire information about the ultimate diet of White Cloud Mountain Minnows. You can feed this fish 2-3 times a day. You can also feed frozen foods, tablets, and dried pellets to this fish. Some of the favorite foods of this micro-predator are:

  • Zooplankton
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Algae
  • Micro-Worms
  • Tubifex
  • Alginate Tablets
  • Mosquito Larvae
  • Daphnia

Habitat and Tank Requirements for White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White Cloud is a hardy and beginner-friendly fish which is adaptable to different kinds of water parameter. It is a cold-water fish that likes living in an eco-friendly environment. There are more factors that you should follow for setting a tank for this fish.

Tank Size

Arrange a 10-gallon fish tank for White Cloud Mountain Minnow. You can keep up to five Cloud Minnows in a 10 gallons tank. You will require about 2-gallon water for each Minnow fish.


Keep rocky substrate, cobbles, gravels, and boulders in the tank of Mountain Minnows. Also, keep various green plants in the aquarium of this fish because it loves green ambiance. These breeds like sheltering themselves under mosses, weeds and floating plants such as Pondweed, Duckweed, Dwarf Rotala, Hornwort and Water Sprite. A dark substrate, driftwood and rocks are some of the great additions for the aquarium of Minnows. You can also add small caves in the tank for this shy fish.   


You can add a standard screen in the tank of Minnow. This filter will help to flush out the excreted elements of the fish and other dirt. An under-gravel filter or a small internal filter will work fine for this fish. The under-gravel filter generates currents that will stimulate the moderate flow of water like streams. Try to clean the filter twice a week to maintain the cleanliness.


Neither very harsh nor a dim light is required for the fish tank of White Cloud Mountain Minnow. You can keep a standard light in the tank of Mountain Minnow.


Mountain Minnows are curious about the outside world, so they have a habit of jumping. So, try to use a tight hood or lid of the fish tank so that the fish cannot come outside.

Water Type for White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Minnow is a hardy fish so it can adjust at different types of water, but you need to maintain the temperature of the water because it prefers living in cold water. This fish also like dwelling in slight acidic water which is low to moderate. Remember a few factors while keeping water in the tank of Minnow.


The ideal water temperature of the tank of White Cloud Mountain Minnow is 64 to 72°F (17.77-22.22°C). This fish can also live at 41°F (5°C). The temperature should not exceed 80°F (26.66°C).

pH Level

The pH level of the water in the tank of White Cloud Mountain Minnow should range between 6.0-8.0.


You can add an artificial acidic liquid in the tank of Minnow, and the hardness of the water should be 5-19 dGH.

Cleaning Method

Use a soft brush and a chemical-free liquid soap to clean the fish tank. After scrubbing the walls and the corners of the tank, wash the aquarium with clean water and wipe it out to maintain the hygiene. Also, clean the decorations inside the tank.  

Replacement Procedure

Try to cycle your tank completely because improper cycling can expose your fish to toxic buildups of nitrogen and ammonia. Replace a minimum of 15% of the water every week and while keeping a new batch of water, maintain the temperature, pH level and hardness of the water.

Breeding Process of White Cloud Mountain Minnow

If you cannot understand the sexual difference between the male-female, then take a look prominently; you will find that the males are slender and bright than the females. This fish gets sexually matured in six months to one year. When they get developed, the male display against each other and spread their fins by displaying the vibrant colors to attract a female fish.

It is easy to breed White Cloud, and you will not face any difficulty if you are a first-time breeder. This fish is an egg-scatterer which produce year around. After the eggs are fertilized, the fries don’t need the help of their parents.

You don’t need a separate tank for breeding. Keep a school of Minnows in a tank. The aquarium should be equipped with clumps of plants and spawning mop where the Minnows can deposit their eggs. The water should not be and its pH level should be 6.5-7.5. The temperature of the water should be 68-72°F (20-22°C).

Feed live Tubifex Worms and Small Brine Shrimp to the fish. When the female fish breeds are ready to lay eggs, she shapes into a round figure. She scatters eggs on mosses and plants. The eggs get hatched in two days. After they are hatched, feed Infusoria-based foods, yolk sacs, Larval Brine Shrimp and Micro-Worms to Minnow.     

Diseases of White Cloud Mountain Minnow with Intervention

Minnow is a hardy fish that rarely gets sick, but this fish is susceptible to infection like Streptococcal Infections. This bacterial infection occurs in poorly maintained tanks and dirty pools. This is a viral infection, so other fish are also affected by this disease. When a fish is affected by this disease, it swims erratically in a tumbling and spinning pattern. So, separate that fish which is affected by this viral disease. If you keep your fish tank and filter clean, then you can save your pet White Cloud Minnow from this infection. Also, prevent your tank from filling up too much nitrate and ammonia.    

Interesting Facts

  • Don’t keep Minnow in a warm water tank because warm water can decrease the lifespan of this fish.
  • This fish looks like Neon Tetra and Celestial Pearl Danio.
  • Usually, it is a peaceful fish, but if you keep it with aggressive breeds, then it may start fighting.

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