30+ Colorfish Fish Breeds for Your Fish Tank

Colorful Fish Breeds
By Garrison Hickles Updated

Do you know, psychologists always say keeping colorful fish in your aquarium can give you multiple health benefits such as, lowering stress by seeing colorful water species, and controlling blood pressure by hearing the soothing sound of the water in the aquarium? So, why don’t you make your fish tank colorful and appealing by choosing some freshwater and saltwater bright-shaded finned-friends who can delight you and give you a healthy life?

30 Attractive and Colorful Fish Breeds

Unless you are a snorkeler or a seawater diver, you won’t get a chance to meet the colorful fish and other water species in the stream and sea. But if you really want to make the bright and beautiful pet fish breeds your eye-candy then you can definitely collect them to your fish tank. Just try to know about their size, appearance and care guide before you make them your family members. Let’s have a clear overview of some appealing and colorful fish:


Mandarin Fish

Being a member of saltwater, connected with Dragonet family, this stripe-patterned fish breed mainly originated in the Pacific Ocean. Its blue body-base is highlighted with vivid orange stripes, and its cute bright eyes are often admired by fish keepers. Moreover, these breeds have a broad head and yellow wavy lines on their fins. You may not find a perfect shape, but Mandarin is a small breed whose maximum length is 4”.

You can keep this colorful and peaceful fish in a 30 Gallons tank, decorated with reefs and corals. As a carnivorous water species, this fish prefers eating shrimps, so get more proper care guidelines from expert aquarists to pet this stunning and colorful fish in your aquarium.


Mandarin Fish eat live insects and brine shrimps, which is the reason for their vibrant or bright shades and remember, it never consumes frozen and pellet foods.


Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Juvenile Angelfish  with its Angelic Beauty

Popular for the electric dark blue-black body with highlights, the Emperor Angelfish can be the eye-candy of every aquarist. This 6-12” saltwater species needs a large space of a 125-gallon fish tank because of its jumping nature. You need to learn a lot about this colorful fish breed because of its aggressive nature and large size. The appearance of the juvenile angelfish changes when it becomes an adult with striking patterns and bold colors.

You will also find yellow lines on the blue body with a yellow tail in adult Emperor Angelfish. However, the looks of this omnivorous fish change with time which confuses the aquarists. So, if you want to keep this beautiful fish in your aquarium then try to acquire entire ideas about this aggressive water species.


Flowerhorn Cichlid

Are you looking for a unique fish with matchless appearance to other fish? Don’t need to think much because Flowerhorn Cichlid is the perfect fish for such a choice. This 16” colorful fish is found in several shades such as orange, silver, blue, green, yellow, pink and red, and requires a minimum of 60-gallon space for dwelling in a tank.

This vivid-colored fish adds an ornamental look to the aquarium’s appearance because of its cock-like head and cute hump. Fish keepers love keeping this cute plump fish in the aquarium because of its adorable and appealing appearance. But remember, this extremely aggressive and carnivorous fish is furious in nature, so if you are an expert fish-keeper then only chose it for your fish tank. Moreover, beginners should get complete idea about breeding the freshwater Flowerhorn Cichlid moderately.



Discus Fish is an 8” beautiful and peaceful freshwater fish found in the Amazon River Basin of South America, so it requires 75-gallon huge space in a tank. This fish breed is available in various vibrant colors such as red, white, yellow, green, and blue. Moreover, this multi-colored water species straight-figured fish has thick striations in their body. Some fish have thick lines in the body and others have thin lines with straight markings. You may get attracted because of its cute pink eyes and small dorsal fins of this colorful fish.

If you are a beginner then this peaceful fish is perfect and easy to care, but remember they are over-sensitive in nature, so while breeding them a thorough knowledge about the species is necessary to acquire.


Rainbow Parrotfish

Rainbow Parrotfish - Green Beauty of  Saltwater

The name Rainbow Parrotfish is given because of the parrot-like beak of this rainbow-hued colorful fish stuck with the teeth. The colorful red and green scales in the body of this fish is often liked by aquarists. Even the bright-green rear body and orange-brown head of this beautiful freshwater fish makes this saltwater fish more attractive and eye-catchy.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fish keeper, try to know about the care guide of this 3.9 feet herbivorous and aggressive fish breed, which requires 30-gallon space in an aquarium.


Clown Triggerfish

The other name of Clown Triggerfish is Big-Spotted Triggerfish because of the large-sized spots in the entire body of this 19” saltwater fish, which requires a lot of space in a 100-gallon fish tank. The stocky body of this large breed is beautifully colored with blue fins, green tail and white spots in a dark body. The most prominent bright-yellow color of this fish is highlighted with a few white dots.

Before breeding this fish, you should remember that it’s reef-compatible and aggressive. Moreover, this colorful fish likes eating meaty foods like small fish, clams, shrimps, snails, krill, and squid, so try to arrange proper eatables for your colorful buddy if it’s a part of your family.



This 3” omnivorous fish is easy to breed because of its size, peaceful nature and strong immune power. You can keep this orange, red and yellow shaded and white striped fish in the 8-10-gallon aquarium, so you really need a very petite place for petting this cute little colorful fish breed.

This saltwater fish is found in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and prefers dwelling in reef aquarium surrounded by the marine ecosystem. If you have seen the film ‘Finding Nemo’ then you will see clownfish was one of the characters in the fish family.


Peacock Cichlid

Peacock Cichlid - A Peacock Looking fish with Gorgeous Shades

Most of the Cichlids are popular fish breed for their dynamic coloration and bright pattern, but among others, Peacock Cichlid is the most beautiful species because of the glittering golden, bluish, pinkish, orangish, and yellowish shades in their body with blue anal and dorsal fins. Moreover, there are red dots on the dorsal and anal fins of the fish which makes it more eye-catchy.

This 6-7” fish needs minimum 55-gallon space to live because of its semi-aggressive and extra-active nature. So, be careful to choose suitable tankmates for thiscolorful fish of freshwater.


Golden Sailfin Molly

You will find this freshwater plus saltwater fish in several shades like black, orange and white colors with yellow and black spots in the body. Most aquarists prefer to keep them in their fish tank because of its shinning look.

Beginners may feel relaxed to take care of this 2-3” colorful fish breed because of its small size and peaceful nature. You just need a 29-gallon aquarium to keep this omnivorous fish, and it consumes plant leaves, meaty foods, and frozen foods. So, you can definitely try breeding this adjustable pet fish in your fish tank.



The source of Killifish is from both seawater and river water; mostly they are originated from the Mediterranean countries or continents like Australia and Antarctica. This fish is found in several vibrant shades like red, blue and yellow bases with red dots all over. Also, this breed has flat heads and pointed mouths with long teeth, and their round scales give a shining effect in the fish tank.

This carnivorous fish is semi-peaceful and is easy to breed because of its small size of 1-6 inches. You will just need a 20 gallons tank to keep this colorful fish.


Royal Gramma

Native to the Caribbean region, this bi-colored fish just looks like a fairy-tale water species or animated fish because of the vibrant purple and yellow color in its body. A thin black line covers the mouth, eyes and the dorsal fin of Royal Gramma.

This colorful fish of saltwater is perfect for beginners because of its friendliness and peaceful temperament. Moreover, this 3” fish just needs a 20-30-gallon aquarium to dwell happily.


Royal Dottyback also looks like Royal Gramma but Dottyback is aggressive and there is no color blending in its entire body. So, while going to pet fish shop, don’t get confused by their appearance, just know the name and features of Royal Gramma before you buy it.



Fish enthusiasts are usually attracted by the looks of radiant orangish Garibaldi fish because of its beautiful features. It has small teeth, bright eyes and shining blue dots on the entire body which brightens the fish tank like the twinkling stars in the water.

This 12” semi-aggressive saltwater fish needs 100 gallons tank capacity, so if you are expert in petting fish then only keep this rageful and isolation-loving fish breed in your aquarium. But you can give every type of frozen pallets and live foods to this omnivorous colorful fish.


Electric Blue Ram

Electric Blue Ram - Mesmerizing Colorful Fish with Attractive Looks

The vibrant and glossy blue shade in this fish has earned it the name ‘Electric Blue Ram’. This freshwater fish comes from the rivers of Columbia and because of its highly jumping and aggressive nature, it needs a 40-gallon aquarium to live. The bright red eyes of this fish are very attractive and cute but don’t get confused with its innocent looks because it is notorious and furious.

Beginners are suggested to get the proper information from the experts before petting Electric Blue Ram in their aquatic family. Feeding them is very easy because they are omnivorous, and also consumes frozen fish foods or pallets to this colorful fish.


Crowntail Betta

There are multiple species and colorful fish in Betta Family that are available in many shades such as red, blue, orange, white, pink and yellow. Even you will find different types of fins and tails with various hues such as red, orange, blue, etc. and male Bettas are brighter than the females.

The cute round eyes of this 3” freshwater fish are very adorable, but they are highly aggressive. You need a 5-gallon fish tank for this carnivorous fish that has different shaped-tails like flowers. So, experienced aquarists are only suggested to pet them, and if you are a beginner then try to collect ample information to pet this colorful fish breed.



This shallow-water dwelling fish is extremely beautiful with it looks, especially the golden body and bright black eyes. Originated in the streams of Japan, Thailand, and China, Goldfish is a peaceful and social freshwater species that prefer living with a school of other Goldfish. In fact, this 4” golden fish can interact in their language with each other and prefers living unitedly.

You just need a petite space of 10-gallon fish tank to keep this omnivorous fish, which prefers consuming algae, zooplankton, mosquito larvae, and crustaceans. For the beginners, Goldfish is a perfect breed because the care level of this colorful fish is easy.


Diamond Neon Tetra Fish

Diamond Neon Tetra - The Shinning Bliss of Water

This slender torpedo-shaped fish has a white-silver belly, blue stripes on the body and a red tail. The silver body base of this small peaceful fish has earned it the name ‘Diamond Neon Tetra Fish’. You will find this freshwater fish in the Amazon Basin in Columbia, Brazil, and Peru.

The size of this omnivorous fish is 0.5-2” and because of its small size just 10-gallon aquarium is required, so it is not hard to breed this South American bright and colorful fish by beginners.


Endler’s Livebearer

You will find Endler’s Livebearer from the big canals and streams, and this 1” small fish needs only a 20-gallon fish tank to dwell. Aquarists like to breed them because of their peaceful temperament and small size. Moreover, they are pretty colorful, as you will find green, orange, black and red color in this colorful species.

The care-level of this colorful fish breed is very easy because it is a hardy and an adjustable species who can survive in every type of environment without causing trouble to the fish keeper, and also this multicolored fish is socially compatible to other water creatures.


Dwarf Gourami

This 4” multi-colored Dwarf Gourami fish is the brightest water species, which can really make your 10-gallon fish tank rainbow-shaded with the beautiful reflection of this colorful fish.

This freshwater omnivorous fish is peaceful and easy to care because of its moderate compatible nature with the other fish breeds. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist, you can easily take care of Dwarf Gourami because of its small size and social nature.


Fantail Guppy

This peaceful freshwater fish has fan-shaped tails of different colors, and these bright fish just look like beautiful butterflies because of their flowery fins and tails in their body. The fish enthusiasts love breeding this fish because of their small size (0.6-2.4”) of the species. Guppies are found in several colors with aesthetic dots and stripes on their body.

The male Guppies are smaller than the females but very active in nature and they are easily compatible with other small breeds, especially from their community. So, fish keepers like to keep this easy-natured colorful fish in their aquarium.


Butterfly Fish

Butterflyfish - The Marine Wonder

This beautiful saltwater is also known as the coral-picker of the deep ocean because it loves consuming corals and other sea animals. You will find this semi-peaceful fish breed in the deep water of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, this large-breed of 4.7-8.7” fish needs a minimum of 125-gallon aquarium to live.

You will find this butterfly-shaped fish in several colors like yellow, white, black, silver, orange, blue and red with armored plates, disk-shaped fins, round dots on the body, and black band surrounded to the eyes. This omnivorous fish has a habit of jumping, so try to provide a spacious tank for the colorful fish.


Candy Basslet

This aesthetic-shaded colorful fish is peaceful in nature and vibrant in its looks. Usually, it’s found in several colors such as lavender color with red lines, orange color with black lines and silver colors with orange lines. The bright eyes of this 2.5” fish attract the fish keepers to keep the breed in their 20-gallon tank.

You will find this omnivorous fish in saltwater which is surrounded by caves and rockwork. However, this is an adjustable fish which can live in different types of environment.


Regal Blue Tang

Do you remember the animated movie of 2016, “Finding Dory”? The animated fish depicted the character of Dory – Regal Blue Tang. It has royal blue color body, yellow-tail, and black stripes on fins. You will find this colorful fish from 4-14” in length and 1.322 pounds in weight, so you need a minimum 180-gallon tank to keep Regal Blue Tang.

This semi-aggressive and herbivorous fish is found in the seawater of Maldives, Indonesia, and Fiji. So, the care level of this fish is moderate and it is not very easy to be kept by the beginners. Acquire proper knowledge about this large-breed fish before petting it.


Moorish Idol

If you are finding a fish to decorate your aquarium then Moorish Idol is a perfect fish breed for your 150-gallon fish tank. This 7” saltwater fish originated from the Red Sea. Whether it is a yellow or a white Moorish Idol, black bands add contrast to its entire body. It has a terminal mouth and tubular nose, and if you observe then you will find its changes in shapes from rectangular to circular body.

This omnivorous and colorful fish prefers living in marine water but because of its huge space requirement, beginners are less interested to keep this fish in their aquarium.


Arabian Angelfish

This bicolored yellow-blue fish is extremely beautiful and can bring a gleam to your aquarium because of its bright colors. But you will need a 150-200-gallon aquarium to keep this 16” large fish which is semi-aggressive and over-active.

This long-tailed omnivorous fish is beautiful but beginners are suggested to collect entire information from the expert aquarists before keeping this aggressive and colorful fish breed in their fish tank.


Boseman’s Rainbowfish

This slender-shaped rainbow-shaded fish can reach up to 4.5”, and this freshwater fish is found in silver, orange, red, blue and green colors. Moreover, fish keepers feel ease to breed this fish because of its peaceful nature, social behavior and just need a 30-gallon tank size.

This rainbow-colored fish is omnivorous and it’s comfortable to eat frozen foods also, so this is one of the best fish breeds for the beginner’s aquarium.


Southern Platyfish

Southern Platyfish - Small Colorful Fish to your Tank

You will get varieties of Southern Platyfish available in purple, orange, red, silver, white, pink and yellow colors, and the tails of this fish are always shaded in another color from its body. This freshwater fish grows up to 2.4-3”, so just arrange a 10-gallon aquarium for this small and peaceful water species.

This omnivorous fish loves dwelling in a green environment and consuming herbs in water more than the meaty or frozen foods. If you are a beginner then you can brighten your fish tank with this peaceful and colorful fish.


Cherry Barb

The bright-red Cherry Barb is easy to breed because of its peaceful nature and small size of 1-2”. You have to set up a 25 gallons tank to keep this freshwater fish. This red-shaded fish has an elongated body and lateral stripes from the head to tail of this colorful fish, and there are brown-shaded lateral lines on its round-shaped stomach.

People love this peaceful and omnivorous fish which is comfortable to dwell with every kind of water species. Both beginners and experienced aquarists like keeping this fish in their fish tank.


Oscar Fish

The infamousness of Oscars Fish is for their territorial and extremely aggressive nature. Fish keepers need a 55-gallon huge aquarium to keep this 12” colorful fish. There are various shades of Oscars such as dark-green, blue, white and black. Moreover, there are black bands on the body of every Oscars Fish.


Goldbelly Damsel

This blue-bodied and golden-yellow-tailed, 3” saltwater fish needs a 30-gallon aquarium to stay. Goldbelly Damsel is an aggressive fish but socially compatible with many water species, so its care level is moderate, compared to other aggressive fish.

This omnivorous fish is slender in shape and prefers living in a marine aquarium with a reef ecosystem. Try to set your aquarium with corals, oyster, and sea-rocks for the comfort of your cute little Goldbelly Damsel.



Rabbitfish - Adorable Aquatic Buddy for Aquarium

This terrestrial marine water fish has a small mouth, endearing brown eyes, and sloping forehead. Generally, this non-aggressive fish is found in brown or olive color, with black, yellow and white markings on the body and tail. This large breed can grow up to 10” in rectangular body shape and it needs a 150 gallon-aquarium to stay.

You need to keep corals and reefs surrounding in the aquarium and feed them plenty of herbs, seaweed, algae, and marine flake-food because of their vegetarian diet.

You will find multiple water species for both freshwater and saltwater for your aquarium. You just need to know properly about the aquatic species you want to keep in your fish tank. After knowing the fascinating facts about the colorful fish breeds, make your aquarium bright and rainbow-shaded by collecting the number of pet fish breeds.


  • Try to keep every fish breed as per their comfort zone.
  • Never keep any wrong compatible fish together.
  • If you are planning to pet colorful fish, know about the temperament and lifestyle of the particular fish.

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