10+ Interesting Reason to Keep Fish Tank in Your Home

Reasons to Keep Fish Tank
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According to the National Pet Owners Survey, many people in America have pets, but most of them prefer keeping colorful fish in their aquariums. Fishkeeping is not only a hobby, but there are several other important reasons that pet fish is the first choice for the pet breeders, rather than other species. Let’s know some interesting reasons to keep a fish tank in your office and home.

What are the Benefits of Keeping Fish Tank

Medical Researchers say that people who spend time near water or spend time watching water species swimming are always healthy from the mind and body. Along with the health benefits, you can also get numerous positive effects of keeping fish tank in the residential and commercial places, some of which are as follows:


Health and Mind Relaxation

Now, you may ask how fish can be the mode to control your health and mind? The answer is very simple, watching super-active fish in the water can be a positive treat to the mind as per psychology. Haven’t you seen the aquarium in the clinics of a therapist, waiting rooms, hospitals, and big offices? You may not have tried to find out the reason, but the actual reason for keeping fish in health care centers is a relaxation of stressful mind from anxiety and other diseases described below:

a) Alzheimer – A patient of Alzheimer loses the ray of hopes to survive and live in a devastating way because of the mental disorder they face. According to psychologists, the sound of running streams, waves of ocean and rainwater can provide a bit of relief to their anxiety and stress.

Thus, if you keep an aquarium with clean water and colorful fish then the colors of the fish breeds and sound of the water may seem relaxing to the patients affected with a mind-related illness like Alzheimer. Moreover, the vulnerable behavior of the patients also starts improving positively better than with the effects of medicine and other therapies.

b) Heart Rate and Low Blood Pressure – Watching fish can be hypnotic in nature and gazing at the swimming fish in the water can be a kind of meditation for the people who are adversely affected with heart disease, hypertension, and high blood pressure.

Scientists also say, hearing the sound of the streaming water in the aquarium can be the best way to reduce blood pressure and improve heart-rate.

c) Insomnia – Nowadays, many people have sleeping disorders or insomnia which degrades the lifestyle of a person and increases stress or morning-drowsiness. So, medical practitioners and interior decorators suggest keeping a fish tank in the living room on a table.

 If you see fish and the clean serene water before sleeping then it will be a perfect therapy for your mind and it will help you sleep well by removing the negative thoughts.

d) Bad Mood – In this rat-race of busy world, people don’t even have time to breathe or interact with anyone. Nowadays, competition is making people harsh and impolite and that is the reason of bad mood and behavioral problems among children, middle-aged people, and aged person.

So, these hyperactive disorders can be reduced to an extent by petting mind-relaxing cute water species and seeing their activities whenever you are in a bad mood. This is one of the important reasons to keep fish in an aquarium in both residential and commercial places.

e) Therapy for Pregnant Ladies – It is often found that new pregnant moms often get irritated and their mood swings are often seen. So, to ease them, you can keep a fish tank filled with colorful fish. The colors can be the delight to the eyes of the pregnant mother, and these shades will also give a positive effect to the baby in the womb of the mother.

f) Reliefs Pain – You may have seen aquariums filled with much beautiful fish in the clinic of dentists, but there is a reason behind doing that. Dentists or other surgeons keep aquariums in their chamber so that the patients can lose their concentration from any kind of pain after seeing the deep water and colorful fish swimming in the tank.

Moreover, mental psychiatrist uses blue-water filled fish aquariums to hypnotize the patient and to treat them.


Learning Benefits for Children

Toddlers love the hobby of fish-keeping and taking care of water species in the tank. So, let your children take some responsibilities by learning good habits of feeding the fish and cleaning the aquarium. Teach them how to take care of the small aquatic companions with love and affection because these lessons will help them in adopting morality, activeness, and nobility in life with good principles.

Moreover, if you keep a fish tank in a room of your newborn toddler then the little colorful fish and the blue water-view will delight the playful mind of your newborn baby, and make the environment of your house positive with the rejoicing and giggling sound of your baby from the cradle.


Best Friends of Solitariness

Nowadays, people are busy and surrounded by crowds but still, they are alone. If you want to get rid of this solitude then try petting some little fish in an aquarium. These fish breeds will not only be your roommate in the isolated period but also be the best selfless buddies for you.

After a tired and busy day, seeing your colorful and little aquatic-companions can change your mood positively by acting as stress-booster. Moreover, they also work as a pain-balm to the painful soul of an elderly person who has no one to communicate. Watching this little finned-animals can really turn up the sad mood of the elderly people in the house who are retired and feel lonely.


Quieter than Other Pets

Some people have noisy pet animals in their houses such as dogs and cats, and it’s really not possible to keep a dog, cat or any four-legged noisy pet in commercial places like clinics and offices. But you are absolutely free to keep pet fish in your home and office because aquatic animals are quieter and they maintain silence.

Fish never create noise pollution and other disruption at any cause whether they are in an aggressive or peaceful mood. So, most pet-lovers like keeping fish instead of other pets because of their calm nature.


Single and Petite Space are Required for Fish

If you have a hobby to keep pet animals then remember, you have to make a large space for your pet dog, cat or other animals. Moreover, these four-legged pets may roam in your house whenever they want without understanding your privacy. However, keeping an aquarium filled with pet fish won’t need much space and also will maintain your personal space.

You just need a little corner in your house where you can keep a fish tank with your favorite water species which are cute, quiet and adorable. Moreover, they will dwell in a single place and won’t be able to roam all over your house or office like other pets do.


Pleasing Environment and Beautiful Interior

Aquarists like petting fish and other water species in an aquarium not only for a satisfying pastime but also for bringing the serene environment to the house. The members of the family love watching and taking care of the fish breeds which provide inner joy and contentment to their mind. Moreover, keeping colorful and aesthetic fish in your house will embellish the interior decorations of the residence and office with a pleasing ambiance.


Less Maintenance

You may think this point to be irrelevant because fish need maintenance but have you compared its care-level and maintenance with other pet animals? It is really not easy to take care of a pet dog, cat or a bird. Firstly, you have to buy pet soaps, shampoos, medications and costly foods for these pets. Secondly, you have to feed them timely, as per diet. Thirdly, you need to find out the ways to keep insects and parasite away from them. Finally, you have to take them for health check-up every month.

However, if you keep pet fish breeds in your aquarium then you just need to keep them in clean water with proper tank mates and feed them with the correct diet. Moreover, you have to clean the tank and wash the tank objects just twice a week. So, don’t you think that the maintenance of pet fish is easier compared to the upkeeping of other pets?


Pet Fish Never Cause Damage

This is one of the best benefits or reasons to keep a fish tank in a home or office. Other pets like dogs, cats, squirrels, and rabbits may jump anywhere in your home if they are not trained properly, and they can even break things in your house or harm you unintentionally. But keeping a fish tank is really beneficial because pet species have no scope to harm you unless you keep your fingers in the water of the tank for disturbing them. So, you are safe to keep pet fish because they will never harm you or damage your properties, as compared to other animals.


Provides a Natural Ambiance in House

Don’t you like going on a trip to a coastal region or to a natural environment? If yes, then try to make your home environment natural by bringing a large aquarium filled with blue water, natural floating plants, beautiful reefs or rocks, small caves, and colorful fish. This ambiance will really give you a feel of beach destination or natural aquatic park. Not only you, but the children and elderly people will also experience pleasant delight with the pet fish breeds and the blue water of the fish tank.


Less Expensive Breeding

Fish-keeping is an inexpensive hobby, as compared to the breeding of a pet dog, a parrot or a little kitten. You just need plenty of water and suitable tank decoration, and if we discuss the price of a pet fish then it’s much cheaper than buying another pet animal.

If you buy another pet animal then along with its cost, you will also have to take responsibility of other expenses like its food, medicines, living place, parasite killing medications, bathing products and also many other things. So, it is a wise decision of pet lovers to keep fish instead of other animals.


Positive Religious Harmony

According to the religion of Japanese Fen Shui and Indian Vaastu system, fish can bring good luck and wealth to your residential and commercial place if you keep an aquarium full of fish in a correct place, as per the Fen Shui instructions. As per these religious beliefs, fish can be the mode of good luck, positivity in house, good career and wealth.

a) Fen Shui – According to the Fen Shui, a fish tank should be placed in front of the entrance of the house in a hall room or southeast side for wealth, north side for good career and east side for a healthy life. Moreover, the pet fish absorb the negative emotions if you keep nine fish in a tank together; among them, eight fish should be Arowana Fish and one should be Black Moor Fish.

b) Vaastu System – As per Vaastu System, fish can eliminate the negative energy from your house, and if you keep them in a living room then they may give you a healthy life and good sleep. Just feed them in time to bring more positivity to your home and office as per Vaastu. Moreover, you can also keep a fish tank in a North or East side of a dining hall for welcoming good luck.

If you really have religious belief on the positivity and harmony of the fish-keeping then definitely follow the Fen Shui and Vaastu guidelines to place a fish tank in the right place of your home for necessary benefits.

Now, after having a broad discussion about scientific, general and religious aspects of fish-keeping, it’s obvious that you have understood the multiple reasons to keep fish in various styles for positive benefits.

Fish Keeping Tips

  • Clean the algae and the decorations in the tanks every week.
  • Learn the food diets, health needs, suitable tankmates, medicines, and living habitation before you choose any particular fish breeds for your aquarium.
  • Don’t spread unnecessary parasite-killer and un-prescribed medicines to the fish tank which may be the reason for nitrite-poisoning.
  • Do not keep your hands in the water without washing them and also tell your children not to do so.

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