10 Aquarium Decorations That Will Give a Makeover to Your Fish Tank

Baby Groot plant pot- Aquarium decoration ornament
By Garrison Hickles Updated

Your aquarium is like your canvas. What you do with it is completely up to you. And with modern decorative items available, the possibilities of beautifying an aquarium are endless. Giving a makeover to your fish tank is much simpler than most people think it to be. It should be noted that decorating a tank not only makes it visually more appealing for the owners and spectators, but it also plays a significant role in the psychological behavior of your pet. So, without any further delay, let’s get our creative juices flowing and get acquainted with some unique and gorgeous aquarium decorations.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Your Aquarium Decoration

The kind of décor you introduce to your tank will be dictated by a number of factors. Yes, it’s not just filters, substrates, and heaters that require research beforehand. The items of décor do have an impact on your pets and tank. Let’s see what they are:

Size of Your Tank

What good is decorating a fish tank if you end up overcrowding it? This is especially true for a small tank wherein you definitely want to avoid cluttering it.

It is advised to use a single or a pair of decorative items instead of multiple ones because that will not only give breathing and swimming space for your pet but will also help the décor item to stand out instead of getting lost in the crowd. Remember, the idea here should be to create a primary focal point.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that at least 50% of your tank space is free after adding the decorative items.

Temperament of Your Tankmates

Designing the look of your tank in accordance with the temperament and behavior of your aquatic pet is of utmost importance.

There are many fish, shrimps, and snails that spend a considerable portion of their time hiding. Thus, you need to provide hiding spots for them in the form of caves, large rocks, and boulders in the tank. The need for hiding spots is also felt during breeding process, where usually the females need to retreat themselves from the aggressive males. Also, small fish need hiding spots to protect themselves from the large bullies in community tanks.

In addition, for highly-active fish, you need to provide oxygen-producing decorative items such as bubble chests in order to keep the supply of oxygen adequate.

Furthermore, you need to understand whether your pet is a top-dweller, or a mid-dweller or a bottom-dweller. This would help you figure out where to place your decorative items.


This is where you can go rogue and use your creativity to its fullest. Before picking up items for your aquarium, decide on a theme that you want to implement. From a nautical theme to a pirate theme, from a mermaid theme to a superhero movie theme, don’t shy away from experimenting when it comes to the theme of your tank.

After deciding on the theme, you can either buy the décor items independently or you can go for an assorted collection as well.

Color Scheme

The color of décor must complement or provide a stark contrast to the color of your aquatic pets, plants, and the substrate. This will help your décor blend smoothly into the ambiance of your tank.

If your tank is dominated by brightly-colored pets, then go for a dull or dark décor since both of them will highlight each other. Conversely, if you have monotonous-colored pets, then you can play around with a splash of color in your choice of décor.

Additionally, the greenery (and sometimes yellowish or reddish tone) of the aquatic plants must also be considered before deciding upon the color scheme of your décor items.


While revamping the look of your aquarium, do not compromise with the health and safety of your pets and plants. The first and foremost aspect in this regard is not to add any item that has any sharp edges since that may injure your tankmates.

Fish are sometimes seen scratching their body against the walls, substrate or decor items of your tank. You definitely want to avoid a situation where they scratch their scales to toxic décor items and be vulnerable to infections. Also, steer away from items that leak any harmful or toxic chemicals to the tank. Simply washing them is not enough, since the residue would be enough to harm your pets.

Quarantining any new object you add to your tank is the key here. This will ensure the elimination of any foreign germs, viruses, or bacteria from invading your aquaspace. In order to quarantine an object, place it in a separate bucket of water and keep it for a few days.

Look out for any changes in the parameter of the water before and after the addition of the item. You must also check whether there is any dirt, animal eggs or any other residue on the item as well. Soaking the item in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide also helps in the quarantine process.

10 Aquarium Decorations That Will Help Revamp the Look of Your Tank

Now that you know the factors you need to bear in mind before purchasing a decorative item for your aquarium, it is time for us to list out the most fascinating ones among them for you.  


Penn Plax Stone Hideaway

Caves function as shelters for shrimps, snails, and fish in an aquarium setting. Besides, they can serve as hiding spots, especially in a breeding tank, wherein the females need to secure themselves from the aggression of their male counterparts. Even in a community tank, caves can protect docile, peaceful, and small species from the larger and aggressive ones.

As an aquatic cave, the Penn Plax Stone Hideaway allows fish to swim around and between it, while also providing them privacy. This is important since it plays a pivotal role in reducing stress among them.

A great aspect of this product is that it can be used both in a freshwater and a saltwater aquarium. Made from safe and durable resin, this cave has the texture of granite and is ideal for those who are looking for a minimalistic theme in their tank.


Vorcool Artificial Aquarium Fish Tank Water Plant

We understand that many of you don’t have the time and effort to raise a live aquatic plant, but still want to see an element of greenery or anything leave-like in your aquarium. Well, worry not; since the Vorcool Artificial Aquarium Fish Tank Water Plant will help you achieve that look minus the effort.

Made from highly durable, non-toxic plastic, it comes in a pack of ten plants, each having their distinct colors and shapes. Each of them also has its own ceramic anchor base that helps hold them down to the substrate bed. Besides, they also are free from the danger of attracting any algae growth on their bodies.

The way these plants flow with the low-current of the water is truly appealing to watch. The best part about them is probably the fact that you don’t have to worry about providing any additional nutrients for their growth or regularly trim them in order to stop them from spreading wildly in your tank.


GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood

Driftwoods not only help in bringing a natural and simplistic look to your tank but also help in providing a hiding spot for your pets. In addition, they also boost the immunity of various species of fish.

Driftwood, when submerged, releases natural tannins into the aquarium water, which increases the acidic level of the water that in turn, helps in eliminating disease-causing viruses and bacteria. The GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood is a great example that you can bring home. Its sandblasted finish puts an end to the contamination of the tank water. This ornamental root is available in two size variants to suit your tank size.

Don’t forget to properly quarantine driftwoods since they can be a major source of harmful parasites and microbes.


Sunyiny Aquarium Decoration Head Sculpture

A statue elevates the aesthetics of your tank by multi-fold. Ideally, when it comes to statues, we recommend using only one of them since that keeps the focus area defined. The Sunyiny Aquarium Decoration Head Sculpture blends perfectly in a large tank and is non-toxic by nature.

This Buddha’s head attracts the tankmates to swim around it, creating a visual spectacle like no other.  Measuring 7.7*5.5*11.2” (19.5*14*28.5 cm), it is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater tanks and is stable enough not to be toppled by the water movement or pet activities.

It also has shreds of artificial moss around it which gives it a natural appeal. Besides, it creates currents in your tank since its considerable size has an effect on the flow of the water.  It also has a large hole on the back of its head which can serve as a hiding spot for your pet. However, make sure your pets aren’t too large to get stuck in the hole.


Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump

Tangible aquarium decorations shouldn’t be the end of your imagination. Sometimes, something as simple as bubbles can completely change the look of your aquarium.  And we must tell you that they offer a much bigger job than just creating a visual appeal.

These bubbles help in generating an adequate supply of oxygen in the tank, the need for which is felt more in tanks where there is more than one pet. A bubble-maker such as the Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump keeps the level of oxygen optimal, thereby contributing to the health of your fish. Fit for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, the bubbles create a mesmerizing effect in the aquarium. You can use it in any tank that has a volume of 10-100 gallons.

It comes with two backflow valves, two connectors, two air stones, and a 6.5 feet ID standard airline. Besides, it is quiet; which means neither the pets nor you will be annoyed by its noise.


Saim Glowing Artificial Coral Ornament

If you are planning to decorate your saltwater tank, then corals are the objects that probably first comes to your mind, right? However, similar to aquatic plants, maintaining live corals is no mean feat. You have to meet their requirements of salinity, pH level, temperature, nutrients, and lighting, among others.

This is why many people opt for artificial corals. One such example under this category is the Saim Glowing Artificial Coral Ornament. Available in six different colors – blue, green, orange, peach pink, purple, and yellow – to match the theme of your aquarium decoration, these corals have a glowing effect to them.

Since they are affixed to suction cups, you can place them both at the bottom of the tank or on the sidewalls of your aquarium. In order to get the glowing effect, you would, however, require actinic lighting.


Slocme Aquarium Pirate Ship Decoration

Ideal for those who are trying to incorporate a nautical or pirate them in their aquarium, the Slocme Aquarium Pirate Ship Decoration can drastically revamp the look of your aquaspace single-handedly.  It is recommended for those aquarists who love including miniature ships and vessels in their tank.

Having the appearance of a shipwreck, this product is made of eco-friendly resin. As such, it is both non-pollutant as well as non-toxic. Its design is highly intricate and it also doesn’t run from the risk of its colors getting withered away with time.

Measuring 9.8” (24 cm) in length, it is ideal for a 10-55 gallon tank. We do recommend using it in tanks that host moderate or extremely small fish. Make sure your fish is appropriately sized so that they don’t get stuck in the crevices of this ship.


FixtureDisplays Ancient Ruins Ornaments

If the theme of your aquarium decoration is in line with any historical theme, then we would definitely suggest you go for miniature ruins that resemble the monuments of yesteryear. And the FixtureDisplays Ancient Ruins Ornaments is a great product to bring that ancient appeal to your aquarium.

Besides the aesthetic appeal it brings, it also can serve as a playground for your shrimps and fish to swim around.  It can be a great central focal point for any mermaid or Atlantis-themed tanks as well.

This hand-painted product also helps in bringing about a three-dimensional appeal to your fish tank. In addition, it also features plastic bushes, which brings greenery to your tank. Measuring 9” (22 cm) in length, 7” (17 cm) in width, and 6.5” (16 cm) in height, it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.


Natural Slate Stone Rocks

Sometimes, you don’t have to go for a fancy object to decorate your aquarium. Something as simple as stones can makeover your aquaspace. The Natural Slate Stone Rocks are stones that measure 1-3” (2.5-7.6 cm) and are available in two package variants – 2 lbs. and 5 lbs. – to suit your requirements.

Helping in achieving the look of the natural habitat of your pet, they are easy to clean. We, of course, recommend you to boil them beforehand in order to remove impurities. They also would function as an additional layer of substrate in your tank.


Penn Plax Castle Aquarium Decoration

Who doesn’t want to live the royal way? So, why keep your aquatic pet devoid of that pleasure? Introducing a castle to your tank is actually much cheaper than it probably is perceived to be as. The Penn Plax Castle Aquarium Decoration provides an underwater kingdom for your beloved fish.

Measuring 12.8*8*14.8” (32*20*37 cm), this grey castle stands over a rocky hill with a splendid waterfall beneath it. The intricate detail of the product is evident from its overall texture. The archways and cone-shaped roofs bring about an aristocratic feel to the tank. This hand-painted decorative item is made from durable resin and can be used both in a freshwater and a saltwater tank.

From serving as a hiding spot to the pets to acting as a larger-than-life piece of décor for them to swim around, this product will keep your aquatic pets entertained and active. As with every other product, the size of your fish should be small enough so that they don’t get stuck in the hole of this castle. After all, the safety of your fish should be prioritized more than anything.

Final Verdict

Aquarium decorations may not be a mandatory aspect of aquaspace but they do have underlying effects since a well-decorated tank can mimic the natural habitat of the pets. Even if it is not designed on a natural theme, it can provide hiding spots and help keep them busy.

With our list of decorative items, we are sure you can work your way into fitting a theme for your aquarium design. Just make sure that they are safe enough for your pet. And also don’t forget the factors you need to keep in mind before making your final purchase. So, practice caution, run your imaginations wild and skilfully design your aquarium.

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